When speaking with Trent Moorhead its evident basketball is an integral part of the man’s DNA.

The 26-year-old is beyond thrilled to be at Hauser and says his previous year as assistant coach helped ease the transition. Of course, given his background of having come from a long line of education professionals and coaches, becoming a coach himself was the natural progression of things.

Moorhead, who replaces former coach Brent Keck, has embraced the task of establishing strong team values while also working to reshape the athletic program in collaboration with his colleagues in the Hauser Athletic Department with unceasing dedication.

We recently spoke with Moorhead by phone during an afternoon break. A native of southeastern Indiana, Moorhead talked about his education, the family ties that help fuel his passion, his short- and long-term goals for the team and department, as well as what the three-sport athlete does with what little spare time he finds.

Trent, please share a bit about your background and what brought you to Hauser. Where did you grow up? Go to school?
I had been at Franklin Community High School the last three years doing junior varsity boys basketball and teaching math. I went to South Ripley High School and grew up in Aurora, Indiana. So, Hauser here was a little closer to home where more family could get to games I was coaching and that was a big draw. And I knew that being at Franklin was a big school, but after being at South Ripley where it’s a small tight-knit community, that draw of Hope – of a small community – that supports and values basketball is so important to me as a coach.

Was becoming head coach something that was on your radar?
I didn’t know this opportunity would come along, that was just a blessing that opened up this past spring. It just worked out that I came here a year early and I feel like I got a head start on that process. I got to meet and make relationships with so many people here and that made an easy transition for me stepping into this head coaching role having been here. It is funny how things work out as they do.

Where do you get this passion for coaching?
I would say the family background I have in coaching has been a huge part of that. My late grandfather, Gus, was a head basketball coach at Versailles High School and South Ripley High School. My dad, Rob, was head basketball coach at South Dearborn High School. And so I grew up hearing stories about my grandpa’s teams and they had a lot of success and dad’s teams, as well. I was always around a gym growing up. When I was elementary age, my dad was a school principal, so he would supervise basketball games and I would be there all the time. After school I would go down, sit and watch basketball practice if I didn’t have a practice of my own.

I loved playing sports when I was in school. I was a three-sport athlete. I started at Dearborn High School when my dad was principal there, I played football, basketball and baseball. And then my dad became the superintendent at South Ripley my senior year, so I transferred out with him. That was like going home for him since he went to South Ripley when he was growing up. I transferred there to finish out my senior year and played baseball and basketball at South Ripley, as well.

It sounds like basketball is in your DNA.
It is, it really is.

Growing up with my grandpa and hearing stories about his teams had a big influence on me and my passion for the sport. Over time, that passion grew. When I got into high school I kind of knew this was something I wanted to do, be a basketball coach.

Where did you attend college? And what did you study?
I’m the tenth member of my family to go into public education. I studied secondary math education at Indiana University Bloomington and I was fortunate to get an early start in coaching the seventh-grade basketball team at Edgewood Junior High School. And my senior year I student taught at Edgewood High School and I got to be a varsity assistant for their basketball team.

Even though I am only 26, I got two extra years of coaching in college and that experience meant a lot as I was getting started and has helped out a lot.

How do you feel about helping design and launch the new athletic program?
As an assistant coach you make suggestions, but as a head coach you make decisions. I am excited about being able to make the decisions now. Decisions I make are always going to be reflected upon the core values for our program. I want to have accountability, respect and competitiveness ingrained into what we do every day on and off the court. I want that to be in the classroom for our guys and on the floor as basketball players. When you do that you are setting yourself up for success in all areas. Getting to set that culture, tone and energy for everything we do is really exciting.

It has been a thrill during spring workouts to be the guy to set the tone and set the energy level for the rest of the group for the workout or practice. So building that culture up the right way right now, that is very exciting and only something you can do as a head coach. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to do it the right way and here at Hauser.

Trent, you have shared much about your background, but who is Trent outside of school and coaching?
I am a fitness guy so I love working out. I try to eat clean. I am engaged to my fiancée, Bre Ricketts, and we are getting married in the summer of 2023. She works at Finish Line on the eastside of Indy as a women’s apparel buyer. She’s very passionate about her job and it is a perfect match – she and I. She’s been so supportive of me as a basketball coach. She keeps me grounded and from getting too high or too low during the seasons. She played sports in Switzerland County, so she understands. Her father was a coach at the high school level, as well, so she has that background. We have two golden doodles named Brodie and Cooper. They are a joy. We take them on walks and to the dog park. We’ve got a nice little family.
When you have spare time, are you playing basketball?
There are some men’s leagues I’ll still play in. I still love playing. I think our guys on the team know that, they’ll see me shoot around. Spare time I love spending time with family, so Bre and I try to get back and see family as often as we can and they come see us.

If you would, please share a bit about your short- and long-term goals for the team and department.

I think short-term goals are building the right culture for our basketball program. So in terms of getting our core values in line, getting guys to buy into our accountability and being respectful and everything that goes into having a great basketball team and being very competitive.

Over the long-term I just want winning habits and a winning mentality for Hauser basketball and get back to the days of Coach Bob Nobbe and everything he brought to Hauser basketball. That is the long-term success that I think any coach would want to have – the career he put together, that’s something I want to see us get back to here.

Do you ever find yourself coaching and hear your grandpa or dad come out of your mouth?

Absolutely. My dad was a foot-stomper on the sidelines and I didn’t know I was a foot-stomper until I was a JV coach and started doing that. People would come down and say, ‘My gosh, you look just like your dad out there.’ I hear that all the time. I’ve had so many of his former players reach out and say I have so many of his qualities it is scary. But I take that as a high compliment because he means the world to me and all the help he’s given me to get me to where I am.