Hope resident Benjamin Harker was flown to IU Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis with what were believed to be serious injuries after a Friday afternoon incident on the family's farm. 

Harker and his father, Dr. John Harker, were helping birth a calf in a pen about 15-foot by 15-foot when the cow crushed the younger Harker. When firefighters arrived at the Jackson Road home, Harker was on the ground and having trouble breathing according to Chris Allen, deputy chief of the Hope Volunteer Fire Department.

"Apparently he had been crushed by one of the cows," Allen said. "I am not sure if he was pinned against a gate, or if (the cow) fell over on him."

"He was conscious and alert the entire time we were working with him."

Fearing a punctured lung and broken ribs, the air ambulance was called in by paramedics, Allen said. Hope firefighters transferred Ben Harker to the Masonic Lodge, where the helicopter landed, he said. 

Later reports indicate that Harker did not suffer a punctured lung. 

Dr. Harker was also injured, with a possible broken arm. He was taken to Columbus Regional Hospital's emergency room by personal vehicle. 

Hope Town Marshal Matt Tallent said he had been told that someone saw the incident unfold in the barn on video and called in rescue workers. But he had no further information. 

Allen said that in his 13 years with the department, this was the first time he could recall a serious injury involving livestock. The closest he could recall was one call where a victim's foot had been stepped on by a cow.