If you're a Hope resident, a freshly paved road may well be in your future.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is awarding the Town of Hope two Community Crossing Matching Grants worth a total of $211,505, of which the town will match 25 percent, Town Manager J.T. Doane said.

That's a better deal than a similar allocation last year that required the town to match 50 percent, resulting in fewer paved miles.

"It's vital in any community to maintain roads, and these grants help us do that," Doane said.

He said pot holes, cracking and general wear and tear are the biggest problems facing local roads. With the upcoming grants - one for $142,233 and the other for $69,272 - the town will have paved or committed to pave about 40 percent of all of its roads, signifying a successful two years for Doane.

Upcoming paving project will cover the following roadways:

  • Race from Mill to Locust

  • Seminary from Walnut to Elm

  • Seminary from Elm to Scott

  • Market from Jackson to South

  • Scott from Jackson to South

  • Raymond from Jackson to South

  • Broad from Seminary to South

  • Midway Court from north end to south end

  • Hauser from north end to south end

  • Neal from Liberty Way to Manor Drive

  • Julia from Julia Lane to Liberty Way

  • Manor from Neal Drive to Julia Lane

  • Liberty from Schaefer Drive to Julia Lane

    Doane said the town would bid out the projects by the end of this month, award a contract by the end of the year and complete everything by the spring. Paving projects will proceed simultaneously, he said, and include ramps where appropriate to meet standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.