Tickets are still available for the Night Owl Country Band’s third annual Palm Sunday concert at 3 p.m. Sunday at the Pixy Theatre, located at 111 S. Walnut St. in Edinburgh.

“It is a bit of a different kind of show that takes us back to our roots,” says Matt Lee, the band’s lead singer. “It is 100 percent gospel music.”

Joining the band this year will be Breanna Faith and Trace Thompson, Lee says. Both artists have performed with the band previously, but this will be a first time performing this type of show at the venue, Lee says.

Pastor Ed Boston is returning to emcee the event and says he will make introductions, but also deliver a five to 10 minute mini-sermon.

“I just appreciate the band asking me to be a part,” Boston says. “I’ve done not just the Palm Sunday [show], but several events they’ve had and hosted and they are all good Christian brothers. As the pastor there it is my job to introduce things and not to stand up there and talk forever.”

The acoustics of the historic Pixy Theatre are just one element that adds to the ambiance of this performance, Lee and Boston agree.

“It is just historic, you can feel that when you are up on stage,” Boston says. “It is nostalgia. The theatre was built for things such as this. Obviously, it was a movie theatre, but it is a different feel when you are there.”

Thompson says he didn’t hesitate to say “yes” when Lee called and extended the invitation to perform.

“We’ve done a couple of shows together,” Thompson says. “When he asked if I would be interested knowing I’m a fellow believer, I said, ‘Absolutely!’ I am looking forward to it.”

Admittedly primarily a country artist, Thompson says he also writes some country Christian music and fans will definitely be hearing some of those at Sunday’s show.

“I’ve a new worship song that I just wrote with Kyle Jefferson that I will be debuting there, it is called ‘Here Alone,’” Thompson says. “And I will be doing some worship cover, as well with some of my originals.”

Before the Night Owl guys take the stage, Faith and Thompson will each perform their sets of about 20 to 25 minutes each, Lee says.
Boston will deliver a short sermon about Palm Sunday and Easter, Lee adds.

“Then he will turn it over to us to close out the show,” Lee says.

Boston says he is certainly looking forward to this show for many reasons, one of which is it allows him the ability to reach some people who normally don’t hear much about the Gospel.

“I enjoy the opportunity to share Jesus with a crowd that some of them may never hear about Jesus on a regular basis, they may not be church-going folks,” he says. “They may not attend or have their own church, so for just a few minutes I can share the love of Jesus with the folks. The certified Night Owls are good people. You can tell by spending time with them at the events that they are good people and it just mirrors the band, they are good guys and they have wonderful families. That’s what I enjoy.”

Lee adds that for him it is a show that reminds he and the band where they come from and offers a moment of reflection and an opportunity to step away from the bar scene and into in a different setting to show another side of the Night Owl Country Band.

As the band counts down the rehearsals and fine tunes their set list, Lee says the guys are excited to take the stage and the Pixy is one of the best – especially for an acoustic show.

Lee says he and the guys will be performing some standard hymnals and Night Owl originals, including “Good Name.”

“It takes you back to the traditional old-fashioned gospel sings,” Lee says. “The big thing we hope is that when people leave, they go with a smile. And that is about any concert we do at all. We want people to go away feeling good like they’ve been to a concert.”