Image courtesy of INDOT
Image courtesy of INDOT

New speed limits and traffic signs went into effect last week near the Flat Rock-Hawcreek schools campus, an effort to improve safety in the area.

FRHC Superintendent Shawn Price said that the improvements were requested and lobbied for by school officials to improve safety at the intersection and streets around the schools' entrances. The biggest change is a reduction of the speed limit to 35 mph. 

In August, four students were seriously injured in a crash at that intersection as they left the campus to attend C4 classes in Columbus.

The speed limit changes affect the entire stretch of State Road 9 from south of the school campus all the way into town. The former 45 mph speed limit signs have been replaced and the speed limit lowered. 

The 45 mph and 50 mph zones south of the schools on State Road 9 have also been moved southward.

A flashing sign will alert drivers to a 30 mph school zone in the area.

Yellow crossroad signs and yellow signs designating Hauser Drive and County Road 600N turns are installed north and south of the intersection, according to INDOT documents.

White post panels are also being replaced with red reflective panels at the intersection to better alert traffic.