Press release

The Indiana Department of Transportation plans to open State Road 252 between Interstate 65 and Flat Rock in southwest Shelby County Wednesday, Dec. 20th.

A construction closure currently exists at the west end of this $12 million road rehabilitation project site.

Milestone, the state's contractor, has widened and reconstructed or resurfaced approximately five miles of State Road 252 roadway between I-65 and Flat Rock-including full-depth pavement reclamation with curb and sidewalk construction within the Town of Flat Rock. 2017 operations included significant bridge work at Lewis Creek and Flat Rock River as well as installation of underdrains and storm sewer lines, excavation of ditches for improved drainage, and completion of driveway and road/street approaches.

After a winter hiatus, the contractor will return to INDOT's State Road 252 project site for pavement replacement along a remaining 2-mile section of roadway from east of the Auburn Hills Subdivision to Lewis Creek's bridge.

  • Existing pavement will be pulverized then injected with an asphalt emulsion

  • Pulverized FDR material will then be compacted to grade and profile-milled

  • A 2-inch asphalt binder is placed on this base and topped with a 1½-inch surface lift of asphalt

    The full-depth reclamation-constituted base is said to be stronger, more uniform and more moisture resistant than the original base material it replaces. In effect, this process efficiently recycles and improves upon existing roadbed.

    2018 operations will also include placement of small new-pavement sections on either side of Shelby County Road 600W.