Three Columbus men with Hope ties will be talking about their road to recovery from addictions at a Saturday morning event at Yes Cinema.

The You Are Not Alone Recovery Event will be at 10 a.m. at the theater on Jackson Street in Columbus. It is being organized by the Student's Fund of Hope.

Whitney Budd with the Hope-based charity says that there will be three participants, all with Hope ties.

"One of them happens to be my brother, Jacob Kessler, (who) is a recovering heroin addict of 10 years..." Budd said.

"He is currently at Wheeler Mission, at the drug treatment program there. He has graduated the first stage of the program. He has been there since April 16th and is in their second phase, which is called their servant leadership training. So he has started his Biblical counseling courses and he is working his way through Bible doctrine. And it has really been life-changing for him there." 

Also taking part will be Michael Phelps and Chuck Fields, Budd said. Phelps overdosed on heroin and was revived after multiple doses of Narcan. He has also gone through the Wheeler Mission program. Fields has his own addiction issues, Budd said, but he is more known for his role in a drug ring which led to time in prison, Budd said. 

"They all went to school at Hope Elementary and all through Hauser," she said. "All of them have different stories, and they all struggled with some sort of addiction. But they all come from different backgrounds."

Budd said her work with struggling families at the Hope schools through the charity led her to realize that many of those families have addiction problems. She said addicts have a tendency to hate themselves, facing their addiction problems alone.

"I watched my brother, for years, hate himself, because he was addicted and he didn't know where to reach out for help," she said. "He didn't know where to turn. He didn't know who was going to help him without being judgemental. And so, the goal of the event is to let people know that they are not alone."

Budd said that this is probably the only time that the Student's Fund of Hope will be organizing events outside of the town. But with all three getting ready to move on with their lives and missions, it seemed like a good opportunity to present their stories to the community.

"The goal is to have as many resources as possible there, so people don't have to wake up every morning and hate the choices they are making, because they are sick," Budd said. "We just want to try to combat it head on, and provide the resources that we can.

The event will also feature information presented by the Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress in Bartholomew County, Sheriff Matt Myers and various area recovery groups. Inspirational music will be provided by Chris Scott, the worship leader at Athens Church.