The Hauser Class of 2004 produced many fine Jets.

Abram Jordan Carman was one of those 93. Deciding to enlist in the Army as a junior, then deploying abroad only a few years later, was a likely step for a young man so interested in public service and keeping others safe.

A member of Civil Air Patrol, Carman provided search and rescue, counter drug initiatives, youth leadership, and science outreach activities with many other youth in Indiana. He was also part of the Columbus Police Department’s cadet program which fosters activity and action for those who may one day be seeking the employ of the men and women in blue.

In addition, Carman was a member of FFA, played tennis, ran track and cross-country, and was also on the baseball team. In fact, his fondest memory was playing outfield for Jerry Schoen and Brian Meek. Carman’s advice to young Jets is to “stay focused on the academic side of things and be active in something.”

While most high-school graduates are busy saving up money and working in the summer or enjoying everything that goes into planning for college or beginning a trade, Carman was off to Fort Jackson, South Carolina where he underwent Basic Training for our military. He remembers sending a letter to a friend of his to report getting tear-gassed as a part of the training. “The adrenaline was awesome. The effects not-so-much.” A year later, he was at Fort Lee in  Virginia where he completed Advanced Infantry Training. There, he was chosen from all of the other cadets as Student First Sergeant. In 2005, Carman was sent to help with the relief effort as a result of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

His first tour of duty was in Iraq from 2007 to 2008. Carman was a part of Delta Company 113 and attached to Alpha Troop of the 1-152 Calvary. They aided in convoy security. In Iraq, Carman was the NCO in charge of land, air, and water mobility and was in constant coordination with the Air Force and Navy. 

Carman is happily married to Sarah Winters. Their home in Brown County is a cozy nook on top a hill where they raise their four children. They enjoy hiking, camping, boating, and fishing when they can find the time. Carman is currently a Sergeant First Class and works at Camp Atterbury.

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