State Road 252 in southern Shelby County will be closing this weekend, as the state continues its project to repair the road between State Road 9 and Interstate 65

The Indiana Department of Transportation has announced that their contractor will be closing the east-west highway starting at 6 p.m. Friday and going through 7 a.m. Monday as they work to replace a culvert just east of County Road 500W. This will be the first of three weekend closures for culvert placement.

Starting Monday, March 5th, crews will excavate along the State Road 252 shoulders west of the Flat Rock River and Lewis Creek bridges. That will be in advance of later pavement widening operations. Motorists will be directed around the worksites by flaggers.

Pavement reconstruction of State Road 252 between Auburn Hills Subdivision and the bridges is scheduled after completion of the shoulder work.

According to INDOT:

"This 2-mile section of existing roadway will be pulverized, injected with asphalt emulsion, pulverized and compacted to form a very substantial recycled base. Two inches of asphalt binder and a 1½-inch asphalt surface will top the base. (Full-depth reclamation) bases have been found to be stronger, more uniform and more moisture resistant than the original base material it replaces."

Other construction activities scheduled for this year include new pavement sections on either side of County Road 600W.

To date, the state has widened and reconstructed or resurfaced approximately five miles of State 252 between I-65 and Flat Rock. That includes pavement with curbs and sidewalks through the Town of Flat Rock. Significant bridge work at Lewis Creek and Flat Rock River has been done as well as installation of underdrains and storm sewer lines, excavation of ditches for improved drainage, and completion of driveway and road/street approaches have also been completed.

Milestone is the contractor for the $12 million project in southern Shelby County.