Hauser tennis has hosted the Hauser Classic Tourney during the Heritage Days weekend for several years, but has won it very few times.

2016 was the first time that Hauser won the Hauser Classic in 10 years and 2017 made it two years in a row.

Most years, the temperature is pleasant but that was not the case this year. When the teams showed up at the tennis courts Saturday morning, the temperature had already soared close to 90 and the humidity was thick.

Hauser faced Edinburgh in the first round. Even though Hauser had defeated Edinburgh previously in the season, they are not a team to be taken lightly. Edinburgh has a lot of talent and there will be great things to be seen in the future.

Edinburgh fell to Hauser (4-1) in the 1st round, but were able to defeat Morristown (4-1) for a 3rd place finish.

Heat was taking its toll on the players and fatigue was felt by many. The championship round started with the sun blazing and Hauser facing a strong Waldron team. Waldron fell to Hauser earlier in the season, but was determined that it wouldn't happen again. All of the players fought through the heat, not wanting to give up and the matches were close.

#1 doubles (Alex Gross and Jacob Johnson) finished their match first having won it easily. They sat and watched their teammates battle, hoping for a tourney win.

#2 doubles (Jacob Luken and Ethan Wallace) who have not lost a match this season, struggled against the threatening Waldron players. #3 singles, Sean Miller and #2 Justin Compton were battling against their tough opponents. #1 singles Sam Meek, who had suffered with dehydration and heat exhaustion during the Edinburgh match was trying to stay strong.

Sean and Justin finished their match, but not in the way they had intended. Sam finished his match pulling out a victory. Waldron #1 singles, Cole Adams, was heard saying "Coach, I ran out of gas and gas is too expensive so I was done". Waldron and Hauser are now tied when #2 doubles finished and remain undefeated pulling out a tough victory.

Congratulations to the Hauser boys' tennis team on another hard fought conquest.

"The joy is in the journey" Phineas and Ferb