January 28, 2020
8:46 a.m. Checked for suspicious person on Harrison Street.
8:30 p.m. Domestic standby on Walnut Street.
9:14 p.m. Agency assist, medical alarm activation on 700 North.

January 29, 2020
1:53 p.m. Ambulance assist, person ill on Butner Drive.
3:31 p.m. Dog complaint on Jackson Street.
3:43 p.m. Parking complaint on Jackson Street.
4:35 p.m. Lost cat on elm Street.

January 30, 2020
7:44 a.m. Warrant service on Seminary Street.
9:16 p.m. Report of suspicious males on Seminary Street.

January 31, 2020
10:51 a.m. Vehicle identification check on Harrison Street.
4:25 p.m. Checked suspicious person at Norman Park.
5:19 p.m. Officer standby on Circle Drive.
9:15 p.m. Agency assist, traffic accident on 1050 East.

February 1, 2020
8:45 a.m. Child custody dispute on Harrison Street.
10:01 a.m. Checked suspicious vehicle on Raymond Street.
10:28 a.m. Ambulance assist on Butner Drive.
7:52 pm. Ambulance assist on Butner Driver, person injured.
7:55 p.m. Dog complaint on Elm Street.
9:20 p.m. 911 Investigation on Hitchcock Court.

February 2, 2020
1:16 p.m. Hope Fire assist, grass fire on 800 East.
4:17 p.m. Vehicle lock-out on Grand Street.

February 3, 2020
12:34 p.m. Cat complaint on Hitchcock Drive.
1:47 p.m. Ambulance assist on Butner Drive.
5:30 p.m. Ambulance assist on Walnut Street, person injured.
9:03 p.m. Alarm activation on Walnut Street.
9:09 p.m. Report of person shoplifting at Dollar General.