June 29, 2021
12:41 p.m. Welfare check on State Road 9.
5:10 p.m. Ambulance assist on Robbin Street, person ill.
5:47 p.m. Checked 911 call at Hauser Hight School.
6:42 p.m. checked 911 call on Jackson Street.
7:31 p.m. Parking complaint at Hope Town Square.
9:20 p.m. Agency assist, domestic complaint on 500 North.

June 30, 2021
11:39 a.m. Welfare check on Walnut street.
12:24 p.m. Cat found on Main Street.
1:31 p.m. Fire alarm activation on Main Street.
2:00 p.m. Vehicle identification check on Raymond Street.
9:24 p.m. Fire alarm activation on Main Street.
9:40 p.m. Illegal burning on Circle Drive.

July 1, 2021
12:02 p.m. Cat found on Main Street.
3:28 p.m. Domestic complaint on Main Street.
3:34 p.m. Agency assist, Community Corrections on Jackson Street.

July 2, 2021
3:19 p.m. Checked 911 call at corner of High and Race Street.
6:20 p.m. Checked 911 call at Hope Town Square.
6:48 p.m. Ambulance assist on Walnut Street, person ill.
7:49 p.m. Report of possible intoxicated driver eastbound on 600 North.
10:17 p.m. Checked 911 call on Washington Street.

July 3, 2021
11:43 a.m. Checked welfare of dog left in vehicle on Schaefer Drive.
4:10 p.m. Agency assist, attempt to locate stolen vehicle possibly in the area.

July 4, 2021
5:39 p.m. Report of dog running loose on Meadow Place.

July 5, 2021
11:07 a.m. Possible intoxicated driver at South and Broad Street.
1:12 p.m. Report of domestic battery on Main Street.
1:52 p.m. Domestic standby on Vine Street.
6:53 p.m. Dog complaint on Main Street.
8:45 p.m. Juvenile complaint in Town Square Park.