December 10, 2019
3:56 p.m. Cat complaint on Julia Lane.
4:03 p.m. Agency assist, possible neglect on Aiken Street.

December 11, 2019
11:30 a.m. Dog complaint on Schaefer Drive.
9:53 p.m. Alarm activation on South Street.

December 12, 2019
5:38 a.m. Property damage accident on Butner Drive.
8:25 a.m. Agency assist on Maple Street, attempt to locate a person.
9:50 a.m. Cat complaint on Julia Lane.
7:58 p.m. Vehicle lock-out at Hauser.
8:30 p.m. Agency assist, attempt to serve warrant at residence on State Road 9.

December 13, 2019
8:50 a.m. Ambulance assist on Grand Street.
12:30 p.m. Dog complaint on Walnut Street.
2:41 p.m. Ambulance assist on Robbin Street, person ill.
3:03 p.m. Agency assist, attempt to locate male at Hauser.
4:00 p.m. Vehicle lock-out on Mill Street.

December 14, 2019
10:53 a.m. Dog complaint on Scott Street.
3:41 p.m. Parking complaint on Hitchcock Court.
3:53 p.m. Checked abandon vehicle on Hitchcock Court.
8:16 p.m. Suspicious vehicle on South Street at Market Street.

December 15, 2019
2:35 p.m. Domestic complaint on Locust Street.
9:22 p.m. Agency assist, reckless driving vehicle on Schaefer Lake.

December 16, 2019
9:24 a.m. Missing person on Hitchcock Court, male located.
1:01 p.m. Parking complaint on Harrison Street.
7:04 p.m. Dog complaint on Aiken Street.
8:53 p.m. Parking complaint on Julia Lane.
9:53 p.m Agency assist, attempted warrant service in Hartsville.