April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Hauser/Hope student committee holds first meeting

By HSJ Online [email protected]

The Hauser/Town of Hope Student Enrichment Committee held its first meeting recently, says J.T. Doane, the town manager.

At last month's Town Council meeting, Doane explained that creating the outreach organization was one of his priorities when he took over as town manager.

"We need to engage our youth more, our youth are a valuable resource to our community," Doane said. "We need to have our youth more engaged and involved in our local government affairs. We can also gain some very insightful perspective from their youthful eyes and their useful minds.

"It can also give them something that they can be very proud of -- that they embrace their community and their community embraces them and their thoughts."

Doane said that the school selected some exemplary students to participate. At the first discussion with the students he asked if they knew where the Town Hall was located and most did not. He said his goal is to get the students more involved.

"They will be the future of Hope, down the road," Doane said. "Ideally we want them to go off to college or off to their profession, as the case may be, and you want them to come back to the community and raise their families here and carry on that tradition."

The first committee meeting included Gwen Shoaf, Kortney Wallace, Annie Ashbrook, Taylor Henderson, Hailey Lange, Ali Hoover, Connor Wilson, Dietrick Smith, Alex Gross, Pete Trotter and Doane. Doane said that the group consists of sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The seniors that are taking part will be asked to work on a project to improve the community each year, he said.

Doane said the new committee will meet once a month at the school during the students' resource period.

The Town Council endorsed the plan for the student enrichment committee.[[In-content Ad]]