April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Hope council selects new town manager

By HSJ Online [email protected]

The town of Hope has a new town manager lined up.

J.T. Doane of Bargersville has accepted the position offered Wednesday night by the Hope Town Council. He signed his contract and agreed to start on July 11th.

The town has been without a town manager since February when Melina Fox resigned. Although the council had chosen a candidate in May, that person chose not to take the job on the day before he was supposed to start, on June 1st.

Doane said..

"I have always had an aspiration to serve the community and the public," Doane said.

He said he was impressed with the heritage and tradition of Hope, and with the leadership of the community including the council, Clerk-Treasurer Diane Burton, Marshall Matt Tallent and David Clouse, the town utilities manager.

"I just feel it is a great community and I look forward to serving and standing beside the council members and... Diane, Matt and David and working for the best interests of Hope," Doane said. "My family is my surest and most precious possession and I know Hope and the community of Hope clearly share that."

"I look forward to leading, embracing the tradition, shaking hands on what is today, and the weeks to come but then reaching for the future and projecting things that we need to look at," Doane said. "While doing all that though, maintaining and being steadfast for Hope, being faithfully and dutifully executing the role I have been asked to serve."

Doane said he plans to commute from Bargersville.

The Town Council voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to approve Doane, although Councilman Jonathan Titus was absent.

Council President Clyde Compton said he feels good about the choice of the new town manager, although he was frustrated by the process.

"We are just going to go forward," Compton said. "We have got to go to the future, we have got to apply for other grants. We have got to keep this town moving, which I think we have done a tremendous job the last two years of doing. We are going to continue to do it and he is going to be part of it."

Councilman Ohmer Miller said he wasn't available for the initial interviews due to an illness, but he was able to take part in the later parts of the process.

"I felt comfortable with the way that was conducted and I think Mr. Doane is a good candidate for the position," Miller said. "Now that he is in the position, it is going to be up to him on how he fulfills those duties and I am looking forward to a positive working relationship with him."[[In-content Ad]]