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You are looking at HSJ Online - the next generation of news for Hope, Indiana. HSJ Online is a free and open site, available to anyone interested in Hope, Hartsville, Clifford, Flat Rock, St. Louis Crossing, Burney or any of the other little communities that dot northeastern Bartholomew County.

HSJ Online is owned by the new Media Division of Heritage of Hope, Inc. It is managed by a Heritage of Hope committee, chaired by David Webster. Other committee members include Michael Dean, Don Hewitt, Howard Zachariah, Bud Herron, Terri Young and Stephanie Shoaf.

Content coordinator is Jenn Willhite. You can e-mail Jenn at [email protected]

You can e-mail HSJ Online at [email protected]

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HSJ Online is a not-for-profit organization under the Heritage of Hope Media Division. We fund our operations through ad sales, grants and donations from readers.

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We would like to thank the donors who have so have so kindly helped to keep HSJ Online operating. Without your support, we could not continue the tradition of local news in Hope, Ind.

2021 - 2023 HSJ Online Foundation Contributors
Heritage of Hope (First contribution toward Foundation)
John & Shirley Robertson
Anonymous from Flat Rock
Pastor Warren & Helen Kirk
David & Lisa Webster
Scott & Anita Mings
Ken & Michelle Seim
Lida Webster In Honor of David Webster
James & Ruth Horton In Honor of Pauline Baker Horton

2015 - 2023 HSJ Online General Fund Contributors
Hawcreek-Flat Rock Area Endowment (Heritage Fund)
Hope Town Council (EDIT Funds)
Pastor Warren & Helen Kirk
John & Shirley Robertson
*Tim Andrews (First matching grant toward General Fund) &
In Honor of Bud Herron
Norman Funeral Home
Howard & Nikki Zachariah
Strietelmeier Corn Dog & Ice Cream Stands (Bartholomew County Fair, Scottish Festival and Hope Heritage Days)
Hope Run/Walk
Cummins Employees through United Way
Scott & Anita Mings
David & Lisa Webster &
In Honor of Stephanie Shoaf & Terri Young &
In Memory of Chuck Grimes &
In Memory of Pauline Baker Horton &
In Honor of Shelley Young & Jessica Deckard &
In Memory of Barb Johnson
In Honor of Kyle Zollman
In Honor of Chandler Family
In Honor of Todd Grimes
In Honor of Warren & Helen Kirk
In Honor of John & Shirley Robertson
Lida Webster In Honor of David Webster
Jean Glick
Bud & Ann Herron
WILLow LeaVes
Bill & Shari Lentz
Duck Creek Gardens Mums
David & Pam Dailey
James & Ruth Horton
Haley Webster
Pam May
Pat May
Mary Glasson
Gary & Susie Dodd
Joe & Margaret Stafford
Rodney & Joanna Dailey
Susan Thayer Fye
Ken & Michelle Seim
Martha Bayless
Liz Vaughn
Pam Anderson
Jessica Deckard
Marty & Pat Emmert
Susan Thompson
Ken & Nancy Chandler
Kathie Clouse
Don & Patsy Harris
Michael Arford Photography
Dave & Jeanne Cleland
Lisa Crane
Mike & Cynthia Deckard
Michael & Tina Dean
Don & Dani Hewitt
Gary Johnson
Aaron & MarLen Slagel
Tom & Nancy Stafford
Scott & Renee Strietelmeier
Dan & Jackie Tallent
Richard & Windy Helt
Lola Hoover
Tim & Kathy McNamee
Joe “Chopper” Baute
Harold & Maurita Gearhart
John & Candy Carr
Steve & Lori Robertson
Amy Young
Kim Miller
Wanda Siebert
Barbara Swinford
Avery Tallent
Randy & Angie Watts
Donna Young
Carol Biggs
Tom & Vicky Flora
Edward & Terri DeVoe
Janet Tedder
Kevin Easley
Diane & Tom Jekel
Sally Scrogham
Tom & Linda Smith
Jeanetta Tallent
Barb Schwering
JoEllen Seright
Nancy Snyder
Jean Wilkens
David McChesney
Karen Hargett
David & Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle
Bobbie Robb
Lavon Wasson
Ben Brown
Arnold & Beth Ellison In Honor of Richard Keller
Carol Gardner
Todd & Jennifer Villiger
Terry Sweet
James & Suzy Carmer
Mary Hobbs
Steve & Dawn Wilson

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