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Bud Herron: Bringing Civil War history to life to benefit HSJ Online

Thirty-five years ago my wife, Ann, stitched together a make-shift version of a Union Army uniform, and I wore it over to North Grove Elementary School in Greenwood to tell Civil War stories to my daughter’s fifth grade class.
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Bud Herron: Remembering Chuck Grimes

Chuck Grimes, 71, HSJOnline contributing writer, died May 31 after a short, unexpected battle with pancreatic cancer.

Bud Herron: Overcoming the impossible requires perspective

Three-year-old granddaughter Zoë thinks I can do anything.

Bud Herron: Unlocked imagination the key to freedom

I am not sure now how the idea for the trip was born. For a 12-year-old boy, the reason for doing something is not always a part of the process.

Bud Herron: Meeting over coffee speaks quiet volumes

I noticed the woman and her older companion the minute we walked in. For one thing, the coffee shop was crowded with Indiana University students nursing long-cold, over-priced lattes and cappuccinos as their justification for taking up table space to work on assignments. Other than my wife and me, the …

Bud Herron: Cat cleaning requires speed, pain endurance

Some people say cats never have to be bathed. They say cats lick themselves clean. They say cats have a special enzyme of some sort in their saliva that works like new, improved Wisk - dislodging the dirt where it hides and whisking it away.
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Bud Herron: New Year calls for purple pants diet

I offer you the first diet that has ever worked for me: the Purple Pants Diet.

Bud Herron: Glamour fades in blizzard's grip

Nothing drew my attention and my imagination quite as much as the old woman in the sparkling jewelry trying to cross the street. She wore black, rubber boots; a full-length mink coat and a brown headscarf as she moved through the snow like an over-the-hill tightrope walker without a net. …

Bud Herron: Pudding shortcuts lead to disappointment

It is hard to figure out exactly when Americans began losing what has been called "the Protestant work ethic" and began sculpting a belief system based on entitlement. In my own life experience, I trace it back to the invention of Jell-o Instant Pudding. That was roughly 1953.

Bud Herron: Dipping into the American cuisine a greasy experience

I love food -- just about any food. In fact, the weirder the better. Name a country -- Japan, China, Italy, Afghanistan, Tibet, Cuba, France, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Argentina, Whateverland -- and I have probably both eaten and enjoyed their cuisine.

Bud Herron: Uncovering the secrets of pedicures

One of the few things I have learned about women in my 65 years of studying the subject from various angles is that they keep a lot of secrets from men. Of course, women never admit this. They always claim they have told us everything, that we were just watching …
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