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Bud Herron: Searching for sins requires creative thinking

Following the narrow path would have been difficult enough if her rules had been precise and unchanging. However, with each new preacher and each new guest evangelist her rules got longer and more diverse. So did the Wednesday night "Prayer Meetings" where altar calls to repentance and salvation sometimes lasted …

Bud Herron: Social media fails to fill the loss of porches

If you live in Hope and your house is more than 50 years old, chances are you have a front porch with a sidewalk in front of it. Until the 1950s, that's the way houses were built and the way communities evolved. In warm weather, people sat on those front …

Bud Herron: Scars remained from East Hope childhood

My father quit school two months before he was to graduate.He had been accused by J. Ray Ross (then the young principal at Hope and later to be in the same position at Columbus High School) of stealing the light switch knobs in the school's study hall.
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