April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Bio of Dale Sechrest

When 13, Dale asked his mom for drums. Instead, he received a guitar for Christmas and will forever be grateful. His musical career started, and it has taken him to some intriguing places while allowing him to meet many interesting people.

Dale has been on several live and recorded radio shows. He even made a dozen appearances on the live and taped television WTTV program out of Indianapolis, The Jim Gerard Show.

In the movie Breaking Away, Dale was a background guitar player, and Dennis Quaid inquired about his Ovation 12-String. He had the unique opportunity to play a song for Jim Nabors. While performing at the Ozark Folk Festival, Dale fondly remembers meeting Grandpa Jones and his son. On a TV set, he had a chat with the real Batman, Adam West. Dale has recorded and performed with Jim Ryser, Tim Grimm, Michael Clark, and Troye Kinnett (currently touring with John Mellencamp).

Dale's first CD was released in 1997. Speed of Light, the title track, was played on radio stations throughout the Midwest. One station even played the entire CD continuously for six hours.

His second CD, Worship, developed after a couple of people from his church asked him to consider recording music that might assist them in their meditation time.

It's All About Love was part of a radio ad by New Song Mission, a safe place in Brown County for children with special needs. With All My Heart is currently being used by Art of Invitation, a Columbus organization focused on connections and relationships.

After nearly a twenty year sabbatical from performing, Dale recently released his current CD. The Journey was produced by Michael Clark, a Gold-Record winning producer, at The Lodge Studios in Indianapolis. It was made possible by the encouragement of family and friends aware of his musical gifts and wishing to monetarily support such a project. Many were at Yes Cinema in Columbus for an inspiring performance by Dale and talented band members.

Michael Clark has described Dale's music as Singer/Songwriter Americana; some refer to it as Faith-Based Americana.

While listening, you will certainly become aware of Dale's journey through his songs as well as a few stories throughout the sets. You will identify with his music and his life, smile and cry, and not want the time to end. Then, you will be thankful that he has returned, question why it took so long, but be quite appreciative of his journey.

Hopefully, you will be able to attend Dale's concerts. You can also find his music through the following sources: cdbaby.com/cd/dalesechrest, iTunes Dale Sechrest, www.dalesechrest.com

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