April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Bio of Sally Webster

Sally's interest in fine arts (drawing, painting, making canes, piano, guitar, singing, ...) has been evident throughout her life. It is certainly safe to add songwriting to the list since she has now written over 200 songs. Sally mixes in her songs while performing a variety of songs from other artists. She wrote her first one in 1989, Take Me To The Mountains. Where do the the words come from?

Perhaps her words come from spending much of her life in the country; perhaps her words come from working with young people with special needs; perhaps they come from hiking in the woods where there is plenty of quiet and peace; perhaps they come from spending time with family and friends. The point is that they do come and in a very genuine and natural way.

We are Family Connections. Many positive things have happened as a result of a family commitment that started in 1991. We have produced several CDs, helped others produce CDs, made many local appearances in schools/churches/restaurants/special events, sold/or given away thousands of CDs, and have received coverage from local media.

As a result of working with staff and students at Hope Elementary on six family oriented CD projects, their music department now has thirty guitars, keyboards, hand drums, and ... Due to the broad spectrum of topics covered by Sally's songs, several were incorporated into transition points for two plays performed at Strawberry Fields and WILLow LeaVes in Hope based on stories by Rena Blake Dillman, Hope artist and writer.

Our decision to join CD Baby in Oregon has greatly helped our cause. With the wonderful services they provide, Sally's songs are quite accessible through the internet physically or digitally and are now in homes throughout the world (cdbaby.com/cd/sallywebster; iTunes Sally Webster; ...).

Time after time, we have been reenergized from numerous thank yous from ten year old children to eighty year old adults. We believe that where Sally's songs end up is very dependent on each individual who listens to the words, the voice, and the acoustic guitar of an unknown who is gradually becoming more known.[[In-content Ad]]