April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Business profile - Miller Insurance

By By Jennifer [email protected]

Miller Insurance, formerly McCarty Miller Insurance, has become Hope residents' go-to for personal insurance needs and service. Owners Ohmer Miller and Jake Miller recently talked about what brought them to the insurance industry, what makes their business and its services stand apart in the industry, as well as their hopes for the future.

What was it about the insurance business that appealed to you?

"It is the people and several years ago I'd purchased insurance from Ohmer and he had approached it totally different than anyone else I'd dealt with. He asked a lot of questions and expressed genuine concern," Jake says. "That always stuck with me. Then when I had the opportunity to come into the insurance industry he was the first person I went to talk to and got his blessing. I worked with a different company for one year and then came back and bought into Miller Insurance. You are always dealing with individual clients and they're our number one priority."

What was it about Hope that got your attention to open there?

"One of the key factors is that I'm a resident of Hope and, as such, I saw that need in the community and wanted to fill that void," Ohmer says. "A lot of small communities don't have any representation like that so they're forced to go into one of the larger municipalities and I felt that filling that void would create an opportunity for the local economy."

What sets Miller Insurance apart from other companies in the area?

"We are community oriented and support the community," Ohmer says.

What types of policies does your company offer?

"Our main offerings are focused on personalized auto, home, renters policies, life insurance and we cover all the toys, like motor cycles, boats and four-wheelers," Jake says. 'We also do business in commercial insurance as well that covers a broad range from handy-man to manufacturing facilities."

How would you describe the rapport you have with the residents of Hope?

"We obviously have a lot of local people we do business with who support us," Jake says. "We are connected to people and I feel like we have a really good rapport with the local community."

Do you insure individuals in areas outside of Hope?

"We are licensed to cover anyone in the state of Indiana," Jake says. "We are not set to the local area."

What are some of the challenges you face?

"I would say one of the biggest problems with this generational shift is buying insurance online rather than sitting down and getting to know your agent," Jake says. "Some people don't think you need an agent until you have an issue about something. Then having someone you can talk to becomes very important. That is an obstacle we are starting to see. We want people to feel comfortable with and trust us to come in and talk to us. It's the hurdle of buying everything online and still wanting to keep that personal touch."

What do you enjoy most about your work?

"It is close to home, I love what I do," Ohmer says. "If you can get paid to do something you like to do that is a plus."

What are your hopes for the coming years and the Hope community?

"I think our role here is first and foremost to support the community and its members and be responsible to the community by offering the services they desire," Ohmer says. "We try to stay on the leading edge of our market. I think in the future you are going to see this agency expand and offer more products and services."[[In-content Ad]]