April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Coach recovering from eye surgery

By By Chuck [email protected]

Veteran Hauser High School educator and basketball coach Bob Nobbe is likely to remain on medical leave from his professional duties until early January.

Nobbe, who has been a fixture at Hauser for the past 20 years, missed a portion of last school year due to eye surgery. He underwent another eye surgery several weeks ago and currently is in recovery at his Greensburg home. In his absence, the boys' basketball program has been turned over to assistant coaches Griff Roth and Doug Johnson.

The varsity team is being coached by Roth. Johnson is handling the junior-varsity and C teams. Both men are Hauser graduates and residents of the local community.

"Our assistant coaches are working hard to maintain and to keep the program moving forward until Bob can return," Hauser athletic director David Irvine recently said.

Irvine is confident the basketball program is in good hands.

"We are fortunate to have those two guys," Irvine said. "They have been a part of the Hauser family for a long time. They are both hard-working and dedicated homeboys."[[In-content Ad]]