April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Duck Ponderings: Hauser girls win volleyball sectional

My Saturday evening was open, and I wanted to watch the Hauser volleyball team play in the sectional they were hosting. Seven teams started -- Jac-Cen-Del, Southwestern, Rising Sun, Waldron, Hauser, Oldenburg, and South Decatur. Hauser and Jac-Cen-Del battled their way to compete in the championship match.

Many good things have happened in Hauser volleyball over the years. Their program is quite impressive! I know due to having the honor to be a part of it at times and due to having two daughters participating before graduating..

Hauser was likely the sectional favorite with their record and ranking; however, you never know what will happen during tournament play. Jeff Case, a veteran coach, knows that very well and knows the importance of conveying that point.

Well, the 2016 Lady Jets came out ready to play, with their defense and offense working together and looking quite sharp. They gained momentum close to the half-way point of the first two sets. In the first one, Jac-Cen-Del was tied at 3-3 and only down 7-9 before losing 25-11. Jac-Cen-Del held a 3-6 and 11-12 lead in the second set before Hauser took over winning 25-18. Hauser, looking even more like one of the top four teams in Class A, got off to a tremendous start in the third set scoring the first 10 points. The final score was 25-12.

I took a friend who had not been in the gym for years, not since graduating in 1977. He kept on expressing compliments about the renovated gym and how the team played. I heard one word several times throughout the evening, "Wow!" We were among many appreciative fans, including a very supportive student cheer block. On our way out, it was good to once again see the local firemen and policemen preparing to escort the team around the community as a part of the celebration.

If your schedule is open in the evening on Tuesday, Oct. 25, then I can assure you that the Lady Jets will give it their all in facing Greenwood Christian Academy, winner in 5 sets over Indianapolis Lutheran, as Hauser is also the host for the regional at 7 p.m. Volleyball is a highly engaging sport to play and to watch. Mike Asher, a Hauser graduate and our wonderful sound guy, will help add to the atmosphere with his announcing and recorded songs.

For the girls that can remember DRAC, the renowned universe volleyball player who visited Hauser volleyball teams several times before retiring, he was there Saturday evening. His advice is to keep on Diving, Reacting, Anticipating, and Chasing, and you'll be alright. He may even be there Tuesday too. No matter what, DRAC, like all the fans in Hauser Nation -- a term first developed by long-time sports broadcaster Sam Simmermaker -- wishes you the very best.[[In-content Ad]]