April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Duck Ponderings: Patsy Cline event fills heart

My wife and I made it a priority to attend the WILLow LeaVes Dinner Theatre on Thursday, a show about Patsy Cline. From the beginning of the evening until the very end, we never questioned our decision. We felt very fortunate to have such an opportunity in Hope, once again proving to be The Surprising Little Town.

The dinner was good and filling with great service. My stomach had to stretch to get it all down, but I was determined to not leave one delicious bite.

Then, we were entertained with the audience often clapping. Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle of Flowers From The Woods and Pete Law of 626 Productions put together another outstanding production. I am well aware of the time, effort, and money needed in order to pull off such an event due to my experiences in music and in plays. You hope people will attend. Well, Pete and Naomi are thrilled with the total number of reservations. After being there, it is understandable why people are coming!

Lisa Barrett, portraying Patsy Cline, sings one song after another, 25 in total, and knows all the lyrics. I can not even remember lyrics to songs I write! Her singing is beautiful with wonderful range. Whenever I go to the recording studio as a producer, I always stress the importance of the listener being able to understand each word. Well, I heard every word due to the clarity of Lisa's voice. In addition, Lisa has several lines and handles them masterfully.

Of course, The Bodacious Bobcats Band behind her provide a key to the performance. Garry Pugh, Nancy Pugh, David M. Brown, Eric DiBlasi, Sr., and Collin Banks, a former student, do an outstanding job enriching the sound. Obviously, they each are extremely gifted and have exceptional skills.

Naomi, who portrays Louise, Patsy Cline's friend, has numerous lines with many long. When converting stories to plays, I am often reminded by Pete to make each part short. It is just easier to remember and to keep the audience with the flow of the play. Naomi, a seasoned actress, handles the challenges seemingly with ease while never losing your attention. She even sings with Lisa and once again comes through adding variety as well as quality to the overall effect.

You leave with Patsy Cline's music still within your heart, mind, and soul! As Pete states within his director's notes, "Patsy and Louise would be proud of these fine performances."[[In-content Ad]]