April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Duck Ponderings: Telling Amy's story

You will have the opportunity to meet another Hope author, Janice Lawson, at WILLow LeaVes on Saturday, April 15.

When writing articles about Amy Steward's health issues for HSJ Online, I did not know I would eventually be editing her mom's book featuring their many experiences. Amy and her family endured battle after battle when Amy entered this world with a rare kidney disease.

Amy frequently required the services of University of Minnesota Hospital for the beginning years of her life where Minnesota became home away from home. Amy's health issues became life threatening on more than one occasion. Janice, being her mom and a former nurse, found herself constantly doing everything in her power to keep Amy alive in those beginning years and later when the disease returned with force again. The Lawsons then found themselves in other key medical facilities. Doctors, nurses, family members, friends, churches, and communities all gave tremendous efforts toward helping.

While you are reading Janice's accounts of the journey to save Amy, you will get a real sense of the importance of her faith and the faith of Amy as well as others. You will also be reminded of the power of hope and love. Saving Amy is a book readers will want to finish once started, a book that will likely make most readers feel very fortunate, a book that will help some readers cope better with their own family health battles.

The book kickoff starts at 4:00 p.m. You will hear a few excerpts from the book, hear from some of Amy's former teachers, and be able to listen to a few songs by Sally Webster that were selected for the occasion. Around twenty-three years ago, I wrote a song related to Amy's problems when she was in my fifth grade class. Another former student, Corky Lonaker, just happened to be around when Amy was rushed to the hospital and gave some encouraging words which I incorporated into the song. It will be performed for the first time publicly, and all will fully understand throughout the afternoon why I chose the title, A Fighter Like You.

You can refer to the Lawson website, michaellawsonministry.com, to find out more about their ministry.

A Fighter Like You (c) 1994 by David Webster & Sally Webster

Partial Chorus

Amy sees with her heart

Hears with her soul

Cannot depart

Amy is special to us

Last Verse

Met up with a boxer former student of mine

We started talking about you he said most of the time

A fighter like you will win again and again
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