April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Duck Ponderings: Thanks to the 2016 Lady Jets

26 Victories

Conference Champions

Sectional Champions

Regional Champions

And Champions In Many Other Ways

I was there; I watched you battle. When Borden had the bases loaded with no outs in the very first inning, I was nervous and thinking this is not good. What did you do? You maintained your cool and somehow pulled off a triple play with only one run scoring. What are the odds of pulling off a triple play?

When Borden then scored two more in the top of the third, you could have been thinking there is no way we will be able to come back against a team of this caliber. What did you do? You maintained your confidence, a characteristic of a great team, and scored two in the bottom of the third and then another one in the bottom of the fifth to tie the game 3 to 3.

Then, Borden loaded the bases in the top of the seventh with nobody out and somehow only scored once. However, a one run lead at the end of an evenly matched game is big. What did you do? You demonstrated your can do attitude and came back and loaded the bases. Not one hitter struck out. With incredible efforts, you just could not score that tying run.

Oh, it was a wonderful game to watch, not a game any of us wanted you to lose. It hurt you; it hurt us. But, what you gave to us will always, always be remembered fondly. I don't know of a varsity team in the history of Hauser sports to win 26 consecutive games, 35 when starting the streak last season. In fact, I doubt if there are many teams that can claim that kind of winning streak at any level, any place in the world!

We really can not thank you enough! You played the game, with a high skill level and with all your hearts. In doing so, you made a lasting impression on us and touched our hearts. Finally, you added to a foundation that started forming in 2000, our first year for a Hauser softball team. In those early years, winning games was not easy; however, it was obviously the beginning of something larger.

We won four consecutive sectionals starting in 2004 and ending in 2007. Several of you were a part of the team that won the sectional in 2014 as well as the one that won the 2015 State Championship! Other great players and teams will follow. They will be reminded of what has been accomplished in the program. A coach will point at the pictures hanging on the walls, the awards in the trophy case. Then, the coach will say, "Dreams do come true!"

Note: I particularly want to thank Mr. Irvine, long-time Hauser Athletic Director, for providing information related to this article.[[In-content Ad]]