April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Duck Ponderings: Whittington's art took flight in early years

On Nov. 22, 1993, I was teaching at Hope Elementary. Apparently, I made an English assignment which students were asked to draw a picture related to their story since I still have the creative work of one student, Rhett Whittington, in a student binder of artwork collected during my 36 years.

As a fifth grader, Rhett developed the character Indiana Whitt, who is the guy flying into action in the illustration, and wrote the following:

"Indiana Whitt, Indiana Whitt

He is the guy

When matters come to worse

He takes his whip and flies

He is good at school work

Homework too

If he ever gets stumped on a problem

He stays cool

He has a sister named Indiana Sis

And a friend named Arkansas Armuth

They go on adventures

With Jacksonville Joe & Mississippi Miller too

I am Indiana Whitt

Why don't you join me

And go on an adventure too"

In 2015, we started HSJ Online and needed a graphic artist. Rhett's name came up, and I did not hesitate to endorse him. He has been a great help with ads, and we recently commissioned him to develop the town clock logo you now see on our site to give HSJ Online a new look heading into the future.

Rhett has an online gallery at https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhittGraphics which you might want to check out. I am a proud owner of his Santa Claus and snowman masterpieces. Most of our readers know Rhett through his artwork for the Hope Ride. Some place, I still have a copy of Rhett's sketch of the Veterans Memorial in the Moravian Cemetery which Charlie Biggs featured in The Hope Star-Journal. And, Rhett has put his artistic touches on other projects throughout Hope over the years.

At this time, Rhett has a position with Kroger but not as their graphic artist. I keep on encouraging him to head to their main office with his art portfolio. Indiana Whitt could do a masterful job flying in wherever and whenever Kroger needed some promotional help![[In-content Ad]]