April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

First Hauser students to receive new academic honors diploma

By HSJ Online [email protected]

During next month's Hauser commencement, for the first time, students will be able to graduate with a school-exclusive academic excellence diploma.

The Flat Rock-Hawcreek school board approved the new "Hauser Academic Excellence" diploma track in January, giving area students a chance to earn a diploma even more rigorous than the state-approved "Core 40 with Academic Honors" diploma, said Hauser Principal Shawn Price.

"The Core 40 honors that the state offers doesn't have quite the same robust criteria that we would have," Price said.

"We have created these new categories where students can still earn the Core 40 with Honors that the state observes, but then also we don't have to necessarily have to compromise the high standards that we expect from our Hauser students."

Going forward, all Hauser valedictorians and salutatorians will have to earn the more stringent Hauser Academic Excellence diplomas, Price said.

The main differences in the new diploma compared to the state honors diploma is the requirement that students earn no grade below a C- with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 and that students take all honors-level English classes, three years of a foreign language and higher level science courses. The state-approved honors diploma only requires a GPA of 3.0, allows for fewer years of a foreign language and less rigorous science and English classes.

"We have always offered those courses, but what (the new diploma) does is it allows for it to be recognized in a more formal manner," Price said.

The students will receive an additional distinction at graduation showing that they have achieved the higher Hauser honor, Price said. The exact details are still being worked out but could include a different cord or medallion.

Among the benefits of the new diploma, students applying for college or scholarships will be able to cite the new diploma as an additional honor for consideration.

"There will be some students that could possibly qualify for more scholarships because of this change in our policy," Price said. "I think all around it was a good decision to go back and take a look at our criteria and what we were offering our students... That's the great thing about Hauser kids. They continue to push themselves and they strive to get that honor."

Hauser now offers five diploma tracks, including the standard state Core 40, the Core 40 with technical honors, the Core 40 with academic honors, a general diploma for students not planning to go on to college and the new Hauser Academic Excellence diploma.

Price estimated that 23 of this year's 58 graduating seniors will qualify for either the state-approved Core 40 with Academic Honors or the Hauser Academic Excellence diploma.

Hauser Academic Excellence requirements

English - 8 credits

English 9- H

English 10-H

English 11-H

English 12-H

Math - 8 credits (in HS)

Algebra I (A)

Geometry (A)

Algebra II (A)

Pre-Calculus & Trigonometry

Advanced Math: Calculus

Advanced Math: Finite

Advanced Math: Concepts in Math

Science - 6 credits

Biology I-H

Chemistry I-H

At least one of the following:

Physics I

Anatomy & Physiology

Advanced Life Science: Animals

Environmental Science

AP Physics 1

Social Studies - 6 credits

World History & Civilization

US History (Advanced)

US Government-Advanced


Physical Education - 2 credits

Health & Wellness - 1 credit or 3 of the following (3 credits):

Preparing for College & Careers Interpersonal Relationships

Nutrition & Wellness

Child Development

Adult Roles & Responsibilities

Fine Arts - 2 credits

Art or Music class at Hauser

World Languages - 6-8 credits

Minimum of 3 years of one language

Electives - 6-8 credits

Any additional from above departments

Minimum Total Credits 47

No grade below "C-"

Cumulative GPA > 3.2

Complete one of the following:

A. 2 AP courses & related exam

B. 6 transferable college credits

C. 1 AP course & exam and 3 transferable college credits

D. SAT score > 1750 with at least 530 in each area

E. ACT score > 26 composite and complete the writing section[[In-content Ad]]