April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Follow paving schedule to avoid vehicles being towed

By HSJ Online [email protected]

Hope town officials and contractors say that they will do everything to alert owners to move their vehicles so towing can be done on the town's streets.

But the owners should also be following the paving schedule and be aware of notices affecting their neighborhood. The town's contractors are repaving streets as part of the work of the town's water system improvement project.

"Over the next weeks, if you have a stripe down your road, it is probably going to get hectic because your road is going to get milled and repaved," Steve Robertson with Strand Associates, told the Hope Town Council last week.

Robertson said that steps would be taken to alert residents to the paving schedule, including placing flyers in mailboxes in advance of the work on a given street.

Even then, if vehicles remain, efforts will be taken to find the owners and to get the vehicles removed including enlisting the town police for help.

But the paving crews can't be delayed to remain on schedule, they need to pave shoulder-to-shoulder and they can't pave around vehicles, Robertson said.

If efforts to get a vehicle moved are exhausted, they will be towed as a last resort, Robertson said.

"You cannot have any cars parked on the street, or even along the street," Robertson said. "They will hamper the operation. So if you get your notice, and you don't get your car moved, we are going to move it for you. It is not a pleasant thing."

Town Marshal Matt Talent said police will be putting out no-parking signs in neighborhoods 24 hours before paving is scheduled.

Robertson said the contractors will also be working with the schools to ensure that pickup times for bus riders will not be affected. There could be some changes and rerouting during drop-off times. He said parents need to be aware that there could be danger from hot asphalt, especially when students get off the buses in the afternoon.

"The crew is used to working around these situations, they understand and they will work with us," Robertson said.

Robertson said that the entire project is scheduled to be completed by next month. As of last week, only four customers had yet to be switched over to the new water system. He said the paving portion should be completed, depending on the weather, before the Hope Ride.

"I am not guaranteeing that, I am just saying that is what should happen," Robertson said.[[In-content Ad]]