April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Hauser junior attends Purdue's World Food Prize Youth Institute

By From Rebekah Bryan-

Devin Turner, a junior at Hauser, recently participated in the World Food Prize Youth Institute at Purdue University.

Students all over Indiana were given the opportunity to write a research paper discussing a factor affecting food security in a developing country. After writing their papers, 50 students traveled to Purdue for a two-day institute during which they interacted with other students and experts in the fields of agriculture and food science and participated in learning sessions that included agriculture and biological engineering, forestry and national Resources, agronomy and biochemistry.

Devin presented his paper on the challenges that human disease presents to food security in Nigeria to a panel of three experts and six other student participants. During his presentation he explained the challenges Nigeria faces due to the high rate of HIV/AIDS and malaria and how these challenges affect food security in that country.

Devin's presentation also included proposed solutions to this issue.

By participating in the World Food Prize Youth Institute, Devin is eligible to become an Indiana Delegate at the World Food Prize Global Youth Institute. If chosen, Devin will travel to Des Moines, Iowa in mid-October to participate in the Institute with youth and experts from around the world to discuss ways to meet the challenge of feeding an estimated 9 billion people who will inhabit the world by 2050.[[In-content Ad]]