April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Historical Society closes Hawcreek Heritage Center

By HSJ Online [email protected]

The Bartholomew County Historical Society has closed the Hawcreek Heritage Center on Aiken Street, as the not-for-profit group reduces its staffing.

Tamara Iorio, president of the historical society's board of directors, confirmed that the center has closed.

"We had a short-term lease on that building and the lease actually ends in two months," Iorio said. "We had several staff members leave at the end of 2015 for various reasons and we haven't used the building much since then because we just didn't have enough staff."

The society went from a staff of five, down to two -- a museum manager and interim director -- Iorio said.

"It's not enough people to keep our museum on Third Street in Columbus open and to keep the Heritage Center open regularly," Iorio said. "We still use it for some events. We have had people renting space, like the (Art Guild of Hope) and they continue to rent space."

Iorio said that the society may continue to use the building for storage.

"But in terms of having a space that is open many days a week, or anything like that, at this point that is probably not where we are going," Iorio said.

Iorio said the reduced staffing is part of a larger effort to reevaluate the finances, goals and mission of the historical society.

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