April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Letter: Thank you for Hartsville bicentennial celebration

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make the Hartsville Bicentennial Torch Celebration a terrific success.

My heartfelt appreciation goes to all of the volunteers, the firefighters for the great fish dinner, the tents, the set-up and tear-down, the United Methodist women and the volunteer bakers for the great desserts, the historical exhibitors, the children's games and crafts organizers, the camera operators, the tour guides and horse drawn carriage operators, the historical character portrayers, the musicians and singers, the church history groups, the organizing committee members, the balloon man, the Civil War surgeon, all of the people who attended, everyone who entrusted their family pictures to me, everyone who told their Hartsville memories to the camera, Mike Crull, Mike Mitchener, Ed Johnson, Darlene Allen, Jean Sneed, Linda Glick, Scott DeBusk, Julian Smith, Mary McGuire our honored torchbearer, and, of course, a special thanks to Barb Johnson who kept us focused and organized throughout months of planning.

In spite of the rain on Saturday we had a weekend in Hartsville that brought great pleasure and happy memories to so many people. I hope I haven't left anyone out.

Thank you so much everyone!

Ann Hedrick[[In-content Ad]]