April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Letter: Trunk or treat was a great program

By From Helen Kirk-

I was fortunate to have brought some candy to the Hope Trunk or Treat on the Square last Friday evening.

David Miller, our librarian, had set up a very good program for the children who were attending. Not only did they get candy from some trunks, no mater if they had a costume on or not, but David had set up other areas.

David asked me to help out in the paint your own pumpkin area. He had bought 100 pumpkins and some poster paint and brushes. Mike Crull and I just manned the site. The kids (we estimate there were over l00 kids who were eager to paint their own pumpkin) just picked out their own pumpkin, and got whatever color they wanted, and got to painting.

They all seemed to really enjoy the activity. I didn't hear one word of complaint, and we had several artistic pumpkins on display drying to show off their artwork, which they were urged to take home with them.

Sadly, I didn't have time to visit any of the other areas, so I can't really comment on them, but I hope that the town expands on this fun and safe activity for children. Several families attended, and everyone seemed to be enjoying the evening together.

I was glad I happened to be there and got a chance to help out; not one single child balked at the idea of painting their pumpkin, and almost all of the kids did their pumpkins with no help from anyone just using their own ideas and hands.

Just wanted to add my support for this great event, and say that I think that David did a great job of planning the event.


Helen Kirk[[In-content Ad]]