April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Meek to be elected Tuesday to Town Council seat

By By Jennifer [email protected]

Hope voters will have no contested Town Council races on the ballot on Tuesday -- all three seats on the council have a single candidate.

Nellie Meek defeated incumbent Greg Sims in the Democratic primary in May.

Meek, 68, is the widow of Harry "Buck" Meek and they have two sons and five grandchildren. She graduated from Columbus High School and Rod and Staff Ministries Biblical Counseling. She has been a Hope resident for 44 years and is retired. Previously she owned and operated Meek's Grocery for 10 years and was office manager at Empire Gas Co. for 10 years. She enjoys attending her grandchildren's events, especially Hauser sports.

We asked Meek:

What brought you to politics?

I was John White's vice precinct committeeman in the late 70's , and my husband and I were always interested in local politics.

How has your late husband's involvement in the community influenced/inspired you?

My husband always tried to treat all people with respect. He actually did represent the people of Hope when he was on the town council. Our door was open to anyone needing to talk with him, and he took that input back to the meetings.

What defines your approach to politics, and serving the Hope community?

I want to do whatever I can to help make Hope a better place for us all.

Without getting too political, what are one or two things you would like voters to know about you and your platform?

I totally agree with my husband, my job will be to represent the people of Hope, IN while I am on the council, and I intend to do just that. I will be accessible.

What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

Keep Hope moving forward, while maintaining our warm friendly atmosphere.

What do you enjoy most about your political involvement?

The wonderful people - I love my Town.

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