April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Spring fling brings fun things

By By Paul [email protected]

It was out there. Somewhere. Amid hundreds of colored plastic eggs that lay scattered across the Hope Elementary School gymnasium.

Somewhere was a golden egg -- and every child was itching to find it.

There were other prizes to be won at the first-time event, an aptly named "Spring Fling" Friday that marked the first day back from spring break for Flat Rock-Hawcreek School Corporation students. There were goody bags for the most eggs found, and a chance to win a jar of jelly beans.

But the main point went beyond that.

Stephanie Tom, a high school sociology teacher, said her junior and senior students earlier this year were learning about the principles of community and how it shapes culture and society. With that in mind, she asked what they'd like to do as a community service project.

Their response: Put on an Easter-themed event for Hope Elementary School students that would consist of spoon and egg races, sack races, coloring contests and an egg hunt. High school students would find out what it means to be role models for young children. Young children would get to interact with older students whom they look up to. And everyone would have a heck of a good time.

Not without coincidence, the project idea fit perfectly in some ways with the school system's new In-Flight Assistance program. Like In-Flight, "Spring Fling" would run with the idea that young children look up to older kids, and that those older kids should act accordingly.

Tom said she was proud of her high school class for choosing a project so important.

By Friday, it was all about the fun.

Students put on and repeated the event in three 45-minute waves: kindergarten through second grade, third and fourth grade and fifth and sixth grade. The youngest children went first, yelling and squealing in delight during sack races that saw them fall on their faces more than once, and during spoon and egg races that saw eggs drop despite the participants' careful and slow shuffle steps.

The egg hunt was a free for all. In a gym with few options as hiding places, the high school students spread the eggs across the court for all to see.

Senior Abby Kidwell enjoyed the experience.

"When I was a kid we never did stuff like this," she said. "The high school never did things with us. I think this really means a lot to them."

Senior Joanna Hamilton, who wants to pursue elementary education as a career, said she appreciates the event for how it puts young students and older students on a "common level" in the spirit of fun. She said the experience means a lot to all parties involved.

Aaron Sweet, also a senior, put it more simply.

"I think it's fun just to hang out with the little kids and have a good time."[[In-content Ad]]