April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Students recognized at banquet

By From Wanda [email protected]

The 11th annual Hauser Academic Excellence Banquet was held Saturday in the Hauser auditorium.

Students in the top 10 percent of each grade who have at least a 3.67 cumulative GPA and the juniors and seniors who had earned their academic letters were honored at the event.

About 110 guests attended. Just about the entire faculty helped in one way or another with food donations, decorating the auditorium, making centerpieces, making video clips for the entertainment, preparing food, serving the meal and cleaning up.

This year's menu included Company's Coming Chicken, rice pilaf, green beans, roll, and homemade pies and cobblers for dessert.

Among those honored.

Top 10% Awards

7th Grade

Carly Archer

Samuel Johnson

Melanie Taylor

Madelyn Archer

Shelby Fugate

Chloe Kennedy

8th Grade

Erin Newcomb

Emily Jones

Catherine Bruer

Justin Stafford

Sean Miller

Ethan Hoke

Joseph Hunter

9th Grade

Sydney Schoen

Joseph Sweet

Emma Watkins

Grace Hasler

Jordan Johnson

Levi Bontrager

Jacob Johnson

Sarah Tedder

10th Grade

Pete Trotter

Ella Hardy

Eric McMullen

Laural Stone

Alexis Hoover

Annamarie Ashbrook

11th Grade

Abbey Ashbrook

Maclyn Greenlee

Zacharia Johnson

Jared Schoen

Travis Stafford

Maycie Asher

12th Grade

Elizabeth Tedder

Emily Tedder

Sharnjit Palia

Jessie Artis

Jordan McDaniel

Kiersten Gross

Presentation of Academic Letters

First Academic Letter

Joshua Adams

Abbey Ashbrook

Maycie Asher

Emma-Leigh Craig

Maclyn Greenlee

Zacharia Johnson

Abigail Kidwell

Maranda Knight

Jonathan Mote

Jared Schoen

Travis Stafford

Faith Titus

Second Academic Letter

Sarah Anderson

Jessie Artis

Kiersten Gross

Jordan McDaniel

Sharnjit Palia

Elizabeth Tedder

Emily Tedder[[In-content Ad]]