April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Town Council considers limits on yard sale signs

By HSJ Online [email protected]

Town officials would like to cut down on the clutter of garage or yard sale signs that linger long after the last treadmill, boxed puzzle or article of gently used children's clothing has been sold.

A new ordinance, approved on first reading by the Hope Town Council this week would limit how long those signs could stay posted. Council President Clyde Compton called the number of signs that litter State Road 9 during the summer an eyesore.

"I think this is long overdue," Compton said. "Route 9 looks like crap in the summer."

Under the proposed change, if signs aren't removed within 24 hours after a sale ends, the person posting the sign could be fined $25. That would go for signs on roads or utility poles.

The ordinance change passed unanimously on first reading this week and will be up for final approval at the January Town Council meeting.

In other business:

  • Town Manager J.T. Doane announced that there will be a State of the Town address to be held at 6 p.m., Dec. 29th at Hauser High School's auditorium. The public is invited and encouraged to attend.

  • Town Council approved the creation of the Paula A. Pollitt Memorial Animal Shelter Fund. That fund would be used to hold donations made toward the new animal shelter on Jackson Street, named in memory of former Councilwoman Pollitt.

  • Town Marshal Matt Tallent announced that the department had hired Adam Mathis as a new police officer. Mathis has served as a reserve officer and as a dispatcher for the town, Tallent said.

  • The Council approved a request for Economic Development Income Tax funds to publicize a new play being written and directed by Pete Law about growing up in Hope during the 1990s. The EDIT Committee recommended and the Council approved $500 to advertise on QMIX radio. Celebrate Columbus and Pip Printing.

  • The town agreed to pay to fill three wells after removing their surrounding silos. Utilities Manager David Clouse said that the creation of the new animal shelter at the former wellhouse led to the need to remove the wells. One silo looked dangerously close to collapsing, he said. The town approved paying $3,710 to Bastin Logan Water Services, out of Franklin, to do the work which includes pulling the well pump and filling in the well with Bentonite. He said it is the only company in the area qualified to do the work to the standards required by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Clouse said the town has three other wells that will still need to be filled. But right now he doesn't have time to tear down those well structures.

  • Ed Johnson said that the fire department should be able to move into their new fire station this week. Johnson, a retired building inspector and former Hartsville fire chief, is helping the Hope volunteers ready the new building on Aiken Street. He said final inspections would be done today and he believed that while the work was not completed on the station, enough had been done so the department could make the move.

  • The town recognized the service of outgoing council members Greg Sims and Jonathan Titus. Sims is leaving the council after 20 years and Titus after 12. Their seats will be filled by Johnson and Nellie Meek. The outgoing council members were presented with cakes and plaques for their service and their families were brought in to celebrate.

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