April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Town police to access countywide data network

By HSJ Online [email protected]

Hope Police will be tied into Bartholomew County's computer-aided dispatch software, giving them better information on the calls they respond to, after an agreement was approved with the county and Columbus law enforcement this week.

The town has not been able to access the county's OSSI CAD software system, which allows dispatchers and officers to see location notes, suspect information and other details that could be helpful to officers. The data can be sent to in-car computers or even to radios via dispatchers, said J.T. Doane, town manager.

The Bartholomew County Commissioners agreed on Monday to a memorandum of understanding with the town and the Columbus police to allow access to the system.

"Hope needs to have access to the information that other police agencies have and this agreement will accomplish that," Commissioner Larry Kleinhenz said.

Commissioner Carl Lienhoop said that in the original agreement with the software company, Sunguard, the County Commissioners are the original stewards of the contract.

Chief Deputy Maj. Chris Lane explained that the system gives officers access to any notes about the location they are responding to when a call comes in.

Doane said the details were worked out in a working session several weeks ago and it was a pleasure to work with the county on the project.

"It is great to have this come to fruition and now, going forward, we will be live on the system," Doane said.

Doane said that without the system, the information was not readily available to Hope officers.

The major roadblock to allowing Hope on the system was a contract requirement that the software not be opened up to third parties.

"I was perplexed as to why that hadn't proceeded forward," Doane said. "The commissioners agreed with the assessment that we should be included on that, and that we should have been a part of that."

Doane estimated that the Hope Police would be included on the system as early as Tuesday.

In other business, the County Commissioners agreed to close County Road 700N/Jackson Street and County Road 670E for Hope Heritage Days on Sept. 24th

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