April 4, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

Town to consider better access for elderly, hard-of-hearing

By HSJ Online [email protected]

The elderly and those with hearing problems are having a hard time keeping up with the actions of their town government, according to members of the Hope Town Council.

Councilman Ohmer Miller said that he has received complaints that audience members at Town Council meetings are having a hard time hearing the reports by city employees and presentations by advisers or other residents.

In the past, most of the town's advisers sit in the front row of the meeting room and give their reports directly to the council at the front of the room. Miller suggested that those making presentations to the council should be asked to face the audience so they could be heard better.

Council President Clyde Compton suggested that the council could also reserve front-row seats in the meeting room for those with hearing issues.

Town Marshal Matt Tallent further suggested that the town look into a speaker and microphone setup that could be used to better allow everyone to hear the proceedings. He said that he believed one could purchased for a reasonable price.

Miller brought the issue up at the end of a special meeting last week, held to select the new town manager.

The council gave Clerk-Treasurer Diane Burton permission to begin investigating the feasibility and cost of a speaker and microphone setup.[[In-content Ad]]