October 27, 2020 at 4:09 p.m.

Duck Ponderings: Hauser volleyball team shows great character

I start this attempt in expressing what I, everybody, observed at the 2020 Morristown Regional by naming all of the players on the 2020 Hauser Volleyball Team as listed in the program: Kenze Bostic, Mattie Foster, Andie Clark, Addison Barriger, Gabrielle Johns, Marnie Schwartzkopf (12), Kayden Miller, Kyra Meister, Charlie Clark, Adrianna Musillami, Aunaka Wasil (12), Hannah Johnson (12), Sophia Musillami (12), Gracie Blair, Stephanie Meek, Emily Moore, Abby Blair, and .Brooklyn Saxe. All of you contributed greatly to what transpired on Saturday, and I know all of you will always remember the match, in particular the seniors.

After being soundly defeated by Indy Lutheran the first two sets and seemingly on the verge of losing the third set prompting a timeout by Coach Case, I was likely thinking what most people in the gym were thinking, that the match would be over in three sets. Odds of turning a match around are not very favorable for a team in that position. However, something happened to change the momentum. It is hard to explain but mighty special to be a part of when occurring.

Coach Case could share a lot of memories since he has been with Hauser for 19 years, and I suspect he would also share he has learned a lot, that his experiences of winning and losing as a coach and player may have been a factor in the momentum changing during the final match of the Morristown Regional.

But, I suspect he would also stress the importance of a team believing, no matter what, that they could still win if applying all those skills learned while participating in an excellent program including club volleyball. As mentioned in a previous article, factors like focus, energy, desire, and a combination of heart, mind, and soul are of great importance too, but there must be a strong belief in oneself and in teammates. And, that belief became very evident toward the end of the third set and continuing into the fourth and fifth sets followed by a very deserved trophy presentation and celebration with multiple pictures taken.

While driving home, I noticed vehicles on the Hope Town Square awaiting the arrival of the Hauser bus driven by long-time driver, Steve Robertson. Like others, I wanted to be a part of greeting the victorious team and the caravan which included our local fire and police departments. The new lights around the square provided a perfect atmosphere, and the girls had the bus windows down with phone lights on. Their cheering voices joined honking horns, blinking lights, and a variety of gleeful sounds. It was another proud night for our community to shine brightly.

The Lady Jets now travel all the way to Jasper on Saturday, October 31st to play against Loogootee at 1:00 p.m., a team that defeated a common opponent, Trinity Lutheran. It will be a very challenging match, one which Loogootee will be favored. However, I know the Hauser Nation will be there to support a team that believes they can beat the odds.

DRAC, the greatest volleyball player in the world, as many former Hauser volleyball players know, wishes you the very best. I shared with him about how your Diving, Reacting, Anticipating, and Chasing steadily improved throughout the match, and he is so proud of you as all of us. As I was walking away, DRAC's final words to the team were: “Don't let the ball hit the floor without diving for it!” Oh, I might add he didn't say it softly. Smile!