February 5, 2021 at 10:12 a.m.

Lady Jets fall in sectional to Rising Sun

I was able to attend the Waldron Sectional to watch our Hauser Lady Jets compete against the Rising Sun Shiners. During the trip, I thought about the stress on student athletes due to the coronavirus as well as all involved.

I had other reflections while walking into a gym that ordinarily would have a lot more fans and a lot more noise. Then again, I suspect all the ladies were happy to be able to play the wonderful game of basketball, a game they all likely started when chasing and shooting balls when toddlers and then practicing and practicing to improve their skills to be part of a varsity squad.

It was a competitive and enjoyable game to watch. Hauser had a one point edge at the end of the first quarter, 9-8, second quarter, 21-20 and the third quarter, 39-38. However, the Rising Sun Shiners eventually pulled away in the fourth quarter to win the game 61-49.

Hauser Coach Evans elected to go with 2-3 zone while Rising Sun Coach Abby Friend chose player-to-player while incorporating a full-court press during the entire game.

Both teams did a good job passing the ball to one another while finding shots under the basket but often had difficulty scoring once there.

Hauser hit more three pointers with two consecutive ones extending their lead early in the third quarter. I was hoping, like other Hauser fans, that they could extend their lead, but Rising Sun called a timeout and slowly closed the gap while hitting two three pointers in the quarter too.

Hauser was more consistent at the free throw line but Rising Sun got more attempts in the first half, 8-16 to 5-6 for Hauser as well as in the second half 15-19 to 6-8 with the total for the game being 23-35, 66%, and 11-14, 79%. Hauser was forced to press and foul at the end of the game, and Rising Sun did not miss.

Turnovers hurt Hauser throughout the game even though, to their credit, their hustle after committing them made it difficult for Rising Sun to take advantage most of the game.

It is never easy to lose the first game of a sectional, in particular for the seniors: Hannah Johnson, Marnie Schwartzkoft, and Aunaka Wasil. But, as my daughters, Hauser athletes and graduates, would share as well as many others, what you gain by playing a sport in high school will only be beneficial as you continue in life. We thank you for your dedication and perseverance and wish each of you the very best.

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