June 2, 2021 at 2:23 p.m.

Lady Jets find a way to win regional championship

Our sports writer, Rob Deweese, could not make it to the IHSAA Softball Regional featuring our Hauser Lady Jets and the Edinburgh Lady Lancers, both teams ranked in the Top 10 of 1A. He missed a great game! Both teams, knowing one another quite well due to competing against one another three times during the regular season, came to play the game hoping to move on in tournament play while cheered on by many fans spaced around the perimeter of the field.

Each pitcher was determined not to allow any runs due to walks with only one during the entire game. Even though the Hauser Ladies struck out nine times during the game and Edinburgh Ladies struck out four times, each hitter was determined to put the ball in play and each defense was determined not to lose because of an error with only three during the entire game, two by the Jets and one by the Lancers.

Hauser quickly gained momentum in the first by scoring three runs, but Edinburgh scored four with a homeroom easily clearing the fence. The Jets then scored three more runs in the second inning to take the lead 6-4; however, the Lancers scored three more runs in the third inning with another well hit homerun to take the lead 6-7.

It appeared at that point that both teams would score a lot more runs, but there were not any runs in the fourth inning and only one in the next. Hauser had a key single after two outs in the fifth inning resulting in a tie at 7-7.

After two singles in the sixth inning, it was Hauser's turn to hit the ball over the fence to take the lead 10-7. The Lancers went down in order in the sixth and seventh innings even though five out of the six batters put the ball in play.

The Jets have earned a trip to the North Daviess Semi-State to play Clay City at 1 p.m. on Saturday, June 5th. All four participating teams are ranked in the Top Ten of 1A. It is not the first time for Hauser to make the long trip of close to two hours. Once there though, the country surroundings will help players and fans feel like they are in Hope.

Like others in our community, I am extremely proud of our team and wish them the very best! If possible, I would encourage you to attend and cheer on our Lady Jets.