October 4, 2023 at 3:30 p.m.

An Invitation to the HSJ Benefit Featuring Bud Herron

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We are excited that Bud Herron will be performing songs of yesterday that still present a message today at the HSJ Online Benefit in the delightful setting of WILLow LeaVes from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, November 4.

Bud's expertise and connections in the newspaper business helped greatly when leading a committee to determine our future. Since 2015, we have been Hope's digital, not-for-profit, and free reading source. It speaks volumes about the need and the support of our readers.

Bud is well known for his writing abilities but has managed to keep his musical skills mostly a secret until now. I first became aware of his guitar playing and voice when hearing him during Hope Civil War Days portraying a soldier while doing songs from that period. And I have had the good fortune of hearing him at other times. If attending, the lyrics of songs he so well delivers will reach out and touch you in a special way.

A dinner will be served by the ladies of WILLow LeaVes as Sally Webster, Pam Anderson, and Avery Tallent provide music, including a few Christmas songs. After all, WILLow LeaVes will have a Christmas atmosphere due to lots of decorating for the season with many items available to purchase during what promises to be a memorable evening.

Before Bud takes the stage, a special award will be presented to the Ken Chandler family for having the best family representation at the HSJ Hope Run/Walk for three consecutive years. Then I will briefly present points about our recent HSJ Strategical Meeting including the growth of the HSJ Foundation while Jenn Willhite, our Content Coordinator, will share her passion, as well as the team's passion, for continuing a local media source. Tim McNamee will do his jingles about WILLow LeaVes and HSJ Online as well as his song about the Hauser Class of '89 and one of his most recent originals. Sally Webster will perform a few John Denver songs. Avery Tallent and David Webster will share a tribute song they wrote for Todd Grimes, inspired by Todd's reflective HSJ articles about his successful battle with pancreatic cancer.

The cost of the evening is $15 (cash only) with WILLow LeaVes generously returning a portion of the proceeds to HSJ. Please call WILLow LeaVes at 812-341-7251, Stephanie Shoaf at 812-374-6524, or David Webster at 812-390-6550 to make reservations.

HSJ Donation Forms/Envelopes and the 2023 HSJ General Budget will be on each table. Checks should be made out to HSJ Online.

The HSJ Team looks forward to a wonderful evening!

Michael Dean, Jessica Deckard, Bud Herron, Don Hewitt, Pastor Warren Kirk, Scott Strietelmeier, Jennifer Villiger, David Webster, Terri Young, Howard Zachariah, Content Coordinator Jenn Willhite and Business Coordinator Stephanie Shoaf