September 5, 2023 at 9:10 a.m.

In Memoriam: 2023 Remembrance of Jerika Lee and Bryce Allen Bair

By Linda Bair

Our Dear Jerika and Bryce,

It has been twenty-one years since your lives were snuffed out by a drunk and drugged driver, an event which changed our lives forever.

Dear Jerika, you would have been thirty-six years old and even with the state of the world today, you would have been very successful in your chosen field.

Dear Bryce, hopefully you would have graduated from college and been pursuing the career of your dreams in your chosen field.

Our family continues to flourish, managing both the good times and the bad while maintaining healthy lifestyles.

We mourn the fact that you will never become the positive, contributing members of society you were destined to be.

We continue to be comforted by the compassionate caring of both new and old friends, near and far, and are thankful for their presence in our lives.

Your Loving Family