September 6, 2023 at 7:05 a.m.

Tickets on Sale Now for SFOH Cash Cow Raffle 2.0

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For the second time this year, the Student’s Fund of Hope is offering an amazing opportunity for area families as the Cash Cow Raffle 2.0 is currently underway.

Area residents can purchase a $10 ticket for a chance to win 125 pounds of prime beef from Hege Farms with its own deep freeze and it is all thanks to a former Hauser graduate who now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Nick Wiedersatz still has close ties with the Hope community and has worked with several nonprofits over the years. He learned early on that in fundraising, if you can have one dollar donated you can turn it into five, he says.

While considering ideas for a great fundraising opportunity for the Student’s Fund of Hope, he thought about its work in the community and that’s what led to this offering, he says.

“I was brainstorming about a good way to help the local community and farmers and just the nature of the organization – feeding people,” he says. “I thought maybe a quarter cow would be a good idea.”

The only caveat was, where would the winner store all that beef?

With freezer space a concern, Wiedersatz had a solution.

“I said, ‘Alright, we will get a chest freezer to go along with it,’” he recalls.

SFOH Founder Whitney Budd describes Wiedersatz as very creative and says he has been a good supporter and friend of the Fund for quite some time.

“He wanted to do something for us and has funded all of it,” Budd says. “It is always well received, and I think it is doable for people.”

Each $10 ticket will offer a chance to win the deep freeze filled with a variety of cuts, including ¾” thick steaks, roasts weighing in at two to three pounds each and ground beef in one-pound packages. 

At the time of this article, 77 percent of tickets have been sold.

Both Budd and Wiedersatz say the raffle will likely become a regular twice-per-year offering with tickets sold in the spring and fall.

As for now, well, there are still tickets available, Wiedersatz says.

“There’s just a few tickets left,” he says. “If anyone wants to grab them, be quick about it. They’re going quickly.”

For more information, contact SFOH via Facebook HERE or to purchase tickets via GiveButter click HERE.