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Coffee House Evening at WILLow LeaVes 02/28

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Please join Avery/David/Ben and others for a Coffee House special evening from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, February 28 as David releases his first album, "One In A Million".  

Entry fee will be $5 cash, which also includes a hot or cold drink. Pastries, as well as a few food items, will be available including specialty coffee drinks. (Once again, cash is preferred.) Mike Asher of Midnight Express will play a variety of music as people are entering, being seated, and exiting.

For some time, I have been writing lyrics. I gave Avery Tallent a folder full of possible songs, and we selected ten for this project. 

I knew Avery was quite capable due to taking him to the recording studio for his first time at the age of 15. Now, in his 20s, he has written many songs, produced several original CDs, and performed with bands, as well as independently, while using his business management degree at the third oldest pawn shop in Indiana, The Gold Nugget. 

We got together once a month to determine which direction to take each song and I was amazed each time where he took my, our, lyrics. Afterward, we asked Ben Cleland if he would consider recording them. I had worked with Ben on several other projects, one being the Town of Hope at the Yellow Trail Museum, and was, consequently, well aware of his numerous experiences in applying his degree in telecommunications-audio/visual production with Hamilton Exhibits and in other ways. Fortunately, Ben agreed, and we all spent several hours bringing each song to life. 

The two nights together will always be a highlight of my life. The CDs title, "One In A Million", was selected for several reasons, and, if attending, you will find out why. The most marketable song is likely "Driving A Jeep", which is quite appropriate for Avery since he drives a jeep and for me since my nickname is Duck. Every Jeep lover knows about ducks.

I have asked several others to be a part of the evening, individuals I have connected with over the years who have made a difference in my life and many other lives. My sister, Sally Webster, is one of those individuals, as well as my sister, Pam. 

Sally is a prolific songwriter/performer and was the first to help me realize my words could be turned into songs. She was instrumental in many students at Hope Elementary having a recording opportunity. Those projects could not have happened without Mr. Michener, my principal for many years, saying “Go for it,” when requesting permission. He will share a small part of his J Story.

Dale Sechrest helped me conceive the Coffee House idea in a way through The Cross. Dale attended Hauser and is certainly known in the area due to leading worship at Hope Moravian Church, Saint Peters Lutheran Church and Hope Methodist Church. Dale has been a musician for years and has a long list of original songs, and several will be shared before Avery takes the stage at the end.

And several other friends will take the stage for a short period during the evening: Carol Ashbrook (Poems), Michael Harding (Songs), Bud Herron (Songs), Pete Law (Comedy), Matt Lee/Tim Dooley of Night Owl Band (Songs), Tim McNamee/Paul Bunting (Songs), and Larry Perkinson (Story). There will be a mixture of secular and non-secular material during the evening. CDs will be available. Of course, there are always shopping opportunities at WILLow LeaVes.

Please make reservations for what will be an inspiring evening by contacting David Webster at 812-390-6550 or WILLow LeaVes at 812-341-7251. I can't give enough praise to all the individuals who have volunteered to share their talents, as well as WILLow LeaVes for opening up on a Wednesday, typically their day off, and providing wonderful hospitality.