March 25, 2024 at 11:10 a.m.

Game Report: Girls' Basketball Honor Roll

By Kyle Shipp, Hauser Jr.-Sr. HS Head Girls' Basketball Coach

3rd Quarter Grading Period Honor Roll Awards

All A+
Addyson Russell - 8th Grade

All A’s
Norah Berkenstock - 11th Grade
Willa Wetzel - 11th Grade
Chloie Phelps - 10th Grade
Allie Zapfe - 10th Grade
Kaydenze Brock - 9th Grade
Katie Robinson - 9th Grade
Kennedy Konradi - 9th Grade
Cheyanne Moody - 9th Grade
Peyton Norris - 8th Grade
Ava Dempsey - 8th Grade

All A’s and 1 B+
Braelyn Williams - 10th Grade
Alexis Hamilton - 10th Grade
Abby Manley - 9th Grade
June Berkenstock - 9th Grade

A's and B's
Haven Hartwell - 11th Grade
Aleigha Wickliffe - 9th Grade
Leah Manley - 9th Grade
Nevaeh Paetzel - 8th Grade